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Complete eCommerce solutions for your brand

A well designed, user friendly and fully integrated eCommerce portal is your key to successful online business. End-to-end solutions with high quality, speed, and greater efficiency are what we deliver at Fydality.

Online stores

Fydality provides design and development related services for different online stores. We set up user journeys, create screen designs.

B2C marketplaces

Create your own B2C marketplace and reach out to your customers locally and globally.

B2B trade portals

Start local or international trading with a safe and secure B2B trade portal.

Auctions & bidding platforms

Build a web-based software platform or PWA for online bidding and auction management.

Booking & tickting solutions

Manage ticket distribution & bookings through a centre reservation system.

eCommerce aggregators

Establish a professional eCommerce aggregation platform with Fydality.

Turn your ideas into reality. Bridge the gap between you and your customers and establish your full-fledged identity through an effective eCommerce platform.

Data driven eCommerce and analysis

Data-Driven eCommerce

The best way to improve a service is to learn from your customers. Fydality’s unique Data Driven approach, will help you gain insights about the demands and expectations of your customers before they even express it to you. The real beauty of a Data Driven model is to know well in advance and without asking. Knowing your customers and focusing on their interests, is the first and foremost step towards a loyal customer base. Benefit from Fydality’s unique and proven Data Driven Strategy and achieve consistent and faster results.

Fydality eCommerce Analytics

Our eCommerce Analytics Dashboards provide a fully customizable and detailed view of all important aspects of your business – anywhere and at any time. Benefit from our experience in using Data and analytics to not only manage your business but to grow and gain strategic advantage over your competition at the same time.

We have Successfully delivered eCommerce projects on these platforms

We have an in-depth understanding of the leading eCommerce platforms to provide eCommerce businesses with the suitable technology stack.


Build a beautiful and engaging website with Magento eCommerce. Comes with versatile features that are perfect for small to medium scale enterprise.


Build an eCommerce website backed by powerful tools that engages your customers and drives sales. Perfect for small to large scale businesses.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Convert maximum shoppers into customers through an unified and intelligent framework from Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Custom solutions

Create your own customized eCommerce through any development platform and designed just the way your domain wants. Our services are diversified for all small to large scale enterprises.

eCommerce Services We Provide

Our services are augmented by highly qualified professionals. Their advance analysis, extensive market research and a zeal to pursue excellence has resulted in fast and effective project delivery.

Full Cycle eCommerce Development

Fydality provides end-to-end design, development and integration services over any eCommerce platform and within an existing portfolio of systems. Not only will we make the design look good but we will also engineer a resilient and dependable technology platform which is highly robust and Scalable.

Custom Integrations

Having complex and intricate framework of systems is not a challenge anymore. Fydality is an engineering firm where we work to simplify complex collections of systems. We provide a complete set of integrations with the entire ecosystem to enable a fully functional, fully integrated and autonomous eCommerce solution.

Testing, and QA

Secure, prevent, protect, detect. We follow these steps to secure our clients and their customers information/assets from damage or theft is the mandate of our Security and QA team, and the means by which we do that are predominantly highly reliable.

Quality Assurance and
Software Testing

Fydality takes the full ownership of Quality Assurance on all our projects. We deploy Quality and Test Engineers for each project to guarantee optimal quality of any product that goes into production. Your clients deserve the best user experience so we deliver.

eCommerce Services We Provide

We have an in-depth understanding of the leading eCommerce platforms to provide eCommerce businesses with the suitable technology stack.

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Isn’t it great, when you are looking for something and someone offers you exactly what you want? Our advanced Data Driven approach at Fydality promises Online Personalisation at a scale which is difficult to beat.

This highly targeted approach enables for greater possibility of conversions but most importantly, your customers will love you for knowing you have everything they need, before they know it themselves.

Headless Approach and Integration architecture

In the Headless architecture, an eCommerce website is designed in such a way that the frontend and backend will work independently. This means the web storefront will be easy to use and the backend will be able to handle complicated feature implementations and growing number of transactions with ease.

Headless commerce solutions, in which the customer-facing frontend is decoupled from the backend layer, are becoming a very interesting option. Organizations can build personalized customer experiences, gain the freedom to experiment, increase their agility and scale more efficiently using the headless paradigm. How this can look in practice is also shown in this whitepaper, with a couple of real-life examples from many areas of digital business.

Case Studies

Our case studies define our potential, what we do, how we work. These analysis, make us think and innovate ideas and we are proud to be a part of our clients success stories.

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